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Palataki Kardamyli

Sea . Stone . Sun


Welcome to the Mani Peninsula

Nestled for almost half a century within the arms of Kardamyli, a landmark town and integral part of the Messinian Mani, Palataki captivates time and affectionately sprinkles our memories through the passage of time.

The aroma, the touch and the enchantment of your dreamlike vacation come to life and become the ship that will journey you to the destination of your soul.

The sea, the soil, the green, the gold of the sun and our smile are the key ingredients of our identity that guarantees the emotional experience you will receive from your first visit.


Timeless Value

Perfectly harmonized with its natural environment
Palataki Kardamyli respects the traditional architecture of the messinian Mani.

Palataki Kardamyli offers you

Kardamyli Greece

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool will provide you with moments of relaxation and spiritual well-being all hours of the day. Without altering its basic characteristics, the swimming pool which you can use with the companionship of a drink or a book, is an integral part of our philosophy at Palataki.

Kardamyli Greece

Great Service

The management and staff at Palataki have a common purpose and vision. Our ambition is to forge your stay into the primary ingredient of a long lasting memory capable of making you blissful upon revisiting it.


The Best Experience

Enjoy your stay and the feeling of becoming part of this unique, historic land. Your experiences will turn out to be delightful surprises that you will always feel nostalgic for.

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