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Staying at Palataki Villas in Kardamili is a unique experience for all our customers, the unique way that combines the tradition with all the comforts of modern times turns a holiday resort in an area so familiar as it is your home …

The first thing you will see reaching the hotel is endless garden, the beauty does not stop there since moving in the rooms will meet the comfort and warmth of the room, the balcony of every room is endowed with a rare view compose a completely captivating scene that meets the senses and stimulates the imagination.

Panoramic View from above

Panoramic View from side

Since 1980,

the past –

the present –

the future

Everything begins in 1980 when my father and founder of this business bought a plot of land in beautiful village Kardamili to build a country house, but soon the plans changed, since his business mind led him to start a six-room pension! Specifically, it was one of the first tourist accommodation in the area, the first room rent in the summer of 1984!

Soon the six rooms were made eight and in the autumn of 1994 the construction of a second 4-room building started and operated in spring 1995, the next step came in 2001 when we wanted to make the difference we built two stone-built villas with private pools and the next year came a third one to complete the puzzle and bring the business in its present form with 15 rooms in total!

However, the construction was not finished here, in 2007 there was a major renovation in the outdoors where a central swimming pool was added, as well as in 2012, along with the renovation of the company’s management, taking up my duties after three years of study at Alpine College 9Hotel Management) , a complete renovation inside the rooms. In this way we strive to provide our customers with the best possible services, keeping them always happy and offering them a beautiful and hospitable place for their holidays!

None of these would be a reality without the endless personal work of my parents!

Stay tuned !!!
Best regards
Rousis Alex

A holiday resort in an area so familiar as it is your home ..

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