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Aktaia is the name of the 45m2 Junior Suite located at the north building of our complex at Palataki Accommodation Kardamyli. The main room includes a big, double bed and a couch-turned bed capable of hosting an adult.

The room also includes a fridge, an electric kitchenette, a TV, Air conditioning, a toaster, a coffee machine and a complete set of dishes. An additional room with two single beds is also included in the design. A comfy bathroom concludes the interior rooms of our suite.

Aktaia is decorated with its own unique, personal style and character. It comes with its own private, comfy, sea-view porch. Its name is inspired by the Nereids with Aktaia being the one occupying and living at the shore lines in addition to being responsible for bridging the relations between land and sea.

Aktaia is comfy, airy, sunlit and eager to welcome you in its hospitable environment.

All types of rooms available at Palataki provide fast and secure wireless Wi-Fi Internet and solar water heating.

Pets are allowed at the Aktaia Junior Suite.

Smoking is prohibited in all types of rooms.

Balcony - kitchen - 2 bedrooms - bathroom
sleeps 4


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